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We make it easy to find local auditions near you, casting calls near you and more opportunities for actors – whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a seasoned expert!

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Benefits of Finding Local Acting Classes Near you:

If you want to find local auditions in your area, there are a few ways you can get started:


Just like if you were trying to find a regular job, networking is the best place to start.

Production Agencies – Typically digital media and production agencies will have clients that they shoot and edit videos. Many of these clients will ask the agency if they have models or actors for their productions – it's a great place to get started and somewhat of an untapped opportunity.

Teachers – Network with your drama and theater teacher, and even teachers at nearby schools you did not attend. Many of them have a rolodex of contacts they've built over the years. You never know where that can land you!

Social Media / Direct to Brands – In this day and age it is unbelievably easy to get in touch with decision makers at brands. You might be able to get in touch with the head of marketing at a large brand, introduce yourself and let them know you'd be interested in acting for them.

Casting / Audition Websites

And of course, you can use sites like AuditionsHQ to find the most recent open auditions.

To be completely honest, most of the roles we post are smaller background work, but we will post larger roles from time to time, and if you’re just getting started, smaller roles aren’t necessarily bad – you’ve got to start somewhere!

Acting Schools & Classes: Everything You Need to Know

What’s the difference between an audition and a casting call?


Casting calls and auditions are typically used synonymously.

Do I need an agent or agency to represent me?


If you’re an aspiring actor that is just getting started, you don’t need a talent agency or agent to represent you. You can get started with smaller roles.

As you become more and more experienced, you may find that a talent agency is helpful to land bigger roles.

Celebrities are typically all represented by agents, agencies or “managers”, but you can certainly be a full time working actor without one.

Do I need experience to audition for a role?

No, but it does help. 

Walking into an audition/casting call inexperienced and landing a role is going to be tough, but it does happen. 

Whether you’ve got a ton of natural talent or not it’s recommended that you take acting classes, participate in theater and work on your acting skills.

Types of Auditions:

There are so many different types of auditions, before you can start finding them and landing acting jobs it’s important to know the differences.

Open Auditions:

An open audition or open casting call is what you’re mostly going to find on the internet and even here at AuditionsHQ.

These are auditions that are open for mostly everyone to attend, so long as they fit the description that the casting director provided and they have all of the required documentation.

Typically these are for smaller roles or even background actors and extras, however casting directors do hold open auditions for featured, recurring and speaking roles.

Private Auditions:

A private audition is just that – private.

The actor is called in by the casting directors and asked to read lines for a specific role.

Typically larger roles in well known television series and movies will all be private auditions.

It’s not impossible to get private auditions without representation, but the majority of private auditions are arranged through agencies.

Call Back:

When you receive a “call back”, the casting directors are basically shortlisting you and bringing you back for another audition. 

It’s a good thing!

Think of a call back as a follow up interview for a job, they’re highly considering you for the position, but just want to go over a few final details.

Screen Test:

A screen test is a private audition that is recorded and shared with other casting agents.

You may be asked to learn a part or read lines for a specific role and the casting director wants to see how you will perform on camera, while being recorded.